Harvest the Field of your Heart (workshop) Experience the healing power of our interconnectedness through the field of the heart!

Do you sometimes feel stressed perhaps disconnected from yourself and at times unable to relate to others?

According to the HeartMath® Institute, the electromagnetic field of the heart is a field of information that we can harvest to promote a collective state of wellbeing, peace and harmony. Let’s harvest and heal together!

Feel empowered, connected, tap into your intuitive insights and heart intelligence.                     
This workshop inspired by the findings of the HeartMath® Institute, will use guided imagery and Art Therapy (symbolic drawing) to access the healing potential of the field of your heart. Together you’ll then be guided to harvest and benefit from the collective healing field of the group.                                       
This will all be done in the safe, fun and relaxing atmosphere of a group of 8-15 people!

About the group facilitator: Anne-Marie Campanella, MA has a masters degree in Art Therapy and has over fifteen years of experience working in the mental health field in a clinical setting as well as at her home office. 


Important information to register for the workshop.
The workshop will be held in Canada and the United States one time only in June.  

Information for Canada only:
For reservation contact: Mychelle Tremblay                        
514) 994-8656                                                                                                             
Where:162 Avenue Saint Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion                                       
Date: Friday June 5th 7pm-8:30pm
Cost:$10 (normally $45)

Information for the Untied States only:
For reservation contact: Anne-Marie Campanella                                 
(508) 868-2524                                                                                        
150 North Shore Drive, Stow MA 01775                                                     
Thursday June 11th 7pm-9:30pm                                                                  
Cost: $5 exceptional price for this one-time Meetup event (normal fee $45 a session) This is a one-time Meetup event.