Group Therapy

Self-Discovery Group Therapy

Have you had enough of attempting to live up to an ideal image of yourself?

Would you like to be free from mental concepts and emotions that limit your ability to fully appreciate life, your relationships and who you are?

This group is exclusively for those interested in deepening their connection with their true self.
Free from mental concepts that define your identity you can discover and fully appreciate who you truly are. You can then flow with life even in the face of challenging and changing circumstances (ex: illness, divorce, loss, job change, etc…).  

The format of the group is informal, casual and consists of discussions and exchanges (optional) as well as lectures and simple exercises.

Who can attend? Both women and men are welcome with a maximum of 6 participants.

When? We meet once a month. Email or call to learn about the upcoming group date and time (vary each month).

Cost: A donation of your choice   

Where: Princeton MA               

Confirm you attendance, contact: Anne-Marie Tremblay, MA

Phone: (508) 868-2524    Email: