About Art Therapy

Art Therapy is cathartic as it facilitates the expression of difficult emotions and feelings that are often suppressed and that words can't describe. The process of creating art is empowering because the
client is actively engaged and working through his or her own personal issues.

The art provides a physical, symbolic representation of what's happening in the person's life. It provides a frame of reference that enables the client to gain insights, to solve problems and find deeper meaning. Over time the person develops his or her own visual language through which patterns can be observed and progress defined. The client is thus encouraged to take ownership of his or her experience.
Who can benefit from Art Therapy?

-Well adapted people of all ages interested in self-discovery, personal fulfillment, relaxation and stress relief.

-People of all ages with emotional and/or behavioral and/or intellectual challenges.

Expected outcome
The expected outcome is a reduction of stress and anxiety, an improvement in self-esteem and self-assurance, an increased ability to problem solve, and more effective coping and social skills.


About Anne-Marie Campanella, MA Art Therapist

As an Art Therapist I have had success working with people of all ages with a wide range of emotional, behavioral and at times intellectual challenges.  As well as with well adapted highly functioning individuals who are interested in self-discovery.

Cost per individual session:

Phone: 508-868-2524
email: artbyamt@yahoo.com