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Resonance For Life consists of two complementary services designed to improve one’s quality of life and sense of emotional and physical well-being.

Self-Empowerment Therapy

Are you in transition and feel like you’ve lost your sense of self? Maybe you’re going through a relationship status change, a loss, a career change, a move, a change in health condition, etc... One constant about life is change…in the process of going through life’s transitions you may feel at a loss. As a therapist I’m trained to assist others in their journey towards self-actualization during those times of transition.  I offer a safe, comfortable, relaxing space where you can let go, regroup, refocus and heal. Who are you now? What’s your purpose? What’s next?

About my approach

Through simple self-awareness exercises you will learn to stay centered during challenging times. The optimal result will be a stable sense of self-worth that no longer fluctuates with changing circumstances. Ideal for people interested in exploring the deeper dimensions of themselves to achieve inner peace. 

Each client is unique and I strive to tailor the sessions accordingly. I believe in a therapeutic experience that is collaborative and interactive. My approach is holistic and may include the Ondamed technology to calm the nervous system down and process the work at a deeper level. Sessions are offered in my home office, by Skype or by phone.

Cost: $100 for a 60min session

Contact: Anne-Marie Tremblay, MA

Phone: (508) 868-2524


How to Access Your State of Empowerment in Challenging Times

The strategy discussed in this article is based on cognitive behavioral and humanistic theories of change.

Law of attraction

The law of attraction dictates that you attract what you focus on.  In other words, you become a magnet for love, joy, freedom, etc., when your focus is on things that generate those positive feelings.  When however, your focus is on fear, resentment, despair, etc…then undesirable outcomes ensue.  According to the law of attraction in order to achieve peace, love and happiness, your focus should mostly be on these positive aspects of life.

It’s easy to focus on these aspects when good things are happening, but what about when tragedy strikes?  Bad things happen to all of us (ex: money issues, death, illness, etc…).  So, how then, is it possible to prevent fear, anger, and despair from taking over under those circumstances?

A seven point strategy meant to help you access your state of empowerment

Following this strategy will empower you to take ownership of your experience.  In doing so, you’ll stop feeding into the destructive thinking process that leads to a sense of powerlessness.  On a separate sheet of paper, write down your insights:

1- Describe the challenging situation and the emotions associated with it.

Before you can come to terms with a situation you have to understand it clearly. Taking the time to describe it will allow you to step back and gain a better perspective of how the events and the people involved affect how you feel about yourself. 

Here are two examples:

-Mary’s story: “My boss’ condescending ways cause me to feel incompetent and ignorant. The more incompetent and ignorant I feel the more mistakes I make. The more mistakes I make the more he’s on my case. I now have doubts about my ability to succeed not only at work but in my field as a professional.”

-Paul’s story: “When I was a hardworking, physically active, energetic man, I felt powerful and in control. Due to an accident that left me paralyzed from the neck down, I now feel useless and vulnerable. Not being able to work, depending on others and not being a productive member of society make me feel worthless. I used to have goals and ambitions and now I’ve lost my life’s purpose.”

2- Describe how this experience affects your view of yourself as a person.  

The meaning that you draw from the situation will dictate how you feel about yourself and how you experience life.  For example, “flunking the test means that I’m a failure.  If I’m a failure then I can’t succeed in life.  If I can’t succeed then I might as well give up.”

In this case, the sense of failure will lead to missed opportunities which will then perpetuate the belief, “I’m a failure and therefore I’ll never succeed in life.” When you believe something to be true of yourself you subconsciously look for evidence in the world to confirm that reality for you. Negative beliefs lead to a sense of powerlessness and defeat whereas positive ones will lead to empowerment and success.    

The question should therefore be, “how does this situation or person affect how you feel about yourself?” This will enable you to take ownership of your experience.

For example:

- Mary: “Because I feel stupid, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll never have a successful career. I’m therefore a failure.”  

- Paul: “Because I’m handicapped, I’ll never be a productive member of society and I’ll always be a burden to others. I’m worthless.”

3- Describe what you can and can’t change about this challenging situation.

By recognizing what you can and can’t control, you’ll know where to direct your energy in your attempts to implement change.  When your focus is directed towards what you can’t control then the outcome is feelings of powerlessness and defeats which results in energy depletion (burnout).  Whereas, when your focus is directed towards what you can control, then you generate feelings of empowerment which gives you the motivation and energy to pursue your goals.

- Mary’s situation: “I can’t change my boss’ character and communication skills but I can change how I perceive the situation and how I choose to interact with him to express my thoughts and ideas. I can also choose to find another job.”

- Paul’s situation: “I can’t change what happened to me, the fact that I’m paralyzed from the neck down and the fact that I have to depend on others.  I can however change my negative attitude towards life by showing gratitude and appreciation, especially towards the people that care for me.”

4- In every challenge there’s a life lesson that can be learned which will allow you to grow into a wiser more empowered individual. What lesson can you learn from this experience?  

In order to use a negative experience to our advantage we need to find the deeper meaning behind it. So, what lesson can you gain from this that will allow you to grow? Is it one of letting go, boundary setting, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, self-respect, etc…?

For example:

- Mary’s situation: “My lesson could be about self-respect and boundary setting. With a gain in self-respect, I would feel motivated to face the situation and would seek to find empowering solutions to the problem. I would then be able to set healthy boundaries for myself and others.  Without self-respect, I would remain passive and in doing so would continue to fuel feelings of victimization.”

- Paul’s situation: “My lesson could be one of acceptance and gratitude for life and for the people that are involved in my care.  With acceptance I could stop fueling a thought process that leads to despair and hopelessness such as, “why is this happening to me?” I could then begin to learn to be grateful for life’s little moments and for the care and compassion of others towards me.”

5- Describe the internal attributes that you need to acquire in order to feel more empowered.                                                                  

For example do you need more patience, humility, resiliency, courage, faith, flexibility, openness, focus, determination, optimism, etc.?  This will help you find what you need to work on to become empowered.

Rewrite your story and include the attributes that you’ve identified.  Then notice how your new focus modifies your perspective of the challenging situation.  

For example:

- Mary’s situation: “I’m learning that with forgiveness, humility and flexibility, I can welcome feedback from my boss about my work without feeling threatened and defeated.  I can then adopt a collaborative attitude and be proactive instead of passive in my interactions with him.  I now recognize that my boss’ condescending ways are a reflection of his poor communication skills -which has nothing to do with my skills as an employee.  Although I still don’t appreciate the way he talks at me, I no longer take it personally.” 

- Paul’s situation: “I’m learning that with resiliency, compassion and gratitude, I have a deeper appreciation for life and for the people that contribute to my wellbeing.  I now recognize that my positive attitude brings hope and joy to those around me.  I find humor in the simplest things and I have the ability to put a smile on people’s faces, especially when they’re having a bad day.  I view this as my new contribution to the world.  I now have a renewed joy for life and sense of purpose.”

The last two steps are about applying your insights and new focus to begin changing your life for the better.

6- With these new insights, you can now begin to implement changes in your life.

Keep in mind that it’s a lot easier to find logical solutions to problems than it is to change how you feel about yourself and the world around you. The good news is that by applying the knowledge acquired from this strategy to your life, you can stop fueling old patterns of victimization to instead nurture feelings of empowerment. That’s when your life will begins to change for the better.  Keep a diary of your experiences and progress.

7- Seek help if you need to, especially if after doing step six you continue to feel powerless.

Use your diary entries as a bases for discussing your experiences with someone who’s unaffected by you situation. This is important because when your loved ones worry with you about your situation then their anxiety adds to your stress.  Keep in mind that the best help always comes from someone who can remind you of your ability to overcome adversity in challenging times; if not a friend or family member then a therapist…

Although this strategy is meant to allow you to gain access to your state of empowerment in challenging times, it can be overwhelming to do on your own.   For this reason, I offer one-on-one therapeutic consultation as well as group therapy.

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Contact: Anne-Marie Campanella, MA                                    Phone:508-868-2524                                                                                                                               Email: artbyamt@yahoo.com                                    



ONDAMED® Technology

Ondamed is an electromagnetic field device with pulse biofeedback. This non-invasive technology has been registered with the Food and Drug Administration as a Biofeedback Class II medical device. Ondamed uses electromagnetic fields to stimulate tissues and "jump-start" cellular activities. This helps restore the body's natural ability to heal, regenerate and achieve balance.

How does it work?
Every cell in the body vibrates at a specific frequency and every organ in the body (liver, heart, kidneys etc) has it's own magnetic field (set of frequencies) distinct from one another.  This is why, for example, the MRI is able to display images of the organs on the screen.

For example:

When you throw a stone into a lake, it causes ripples in the water.  Lets say for the sake of this illustration that the ripples created by the stone represent the healthy field of the heart.  Now, lets throw some sand in that same water -the sand could represent microorganisms, inflammations, heavy metals -to name a few.  At this point each grain of sand will create a new ripple effect (field) which will interfere with that of the healthy heart.

The way Ondamed works is that it picks up this sand (meaning interference) in the healthy field of the heart, through pulse biofeedback. It is then able to administer the correct frequencies into the body so that the healthy field of the heart can dominate over that of alien fields  (microorganisms, inflammation etc). It's like giving a boost to a battery. This then helps to facilitates the bodies ability to detoxify itself and reach homeostasis.

What to expect during a Ondamed session

During the Ondamed session, the practitioner will first apply the Ondamed applicators on the client. While sending into the body frequencies ranging from 0.1 to 32000 hz, the practitioner will identify the frequencies through pulse biofeedback that are most therapeutic for the client at the time of the session and will then apply the frequencies found so that homeostasis can be reached.

Achieve homeostasis

ondamed treatment

  • Enhances the release of toxins leading to improved detoxification
  • Enhances the absorption of nutrients into the cells
  • Reduces edema
  • Increases cellular repair and regeneration
  • Activate lymphatic drainage, leading to improved immune function
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces the harmful effects of geopathic and electromagnetic stress

The information provided herein is for Educational Purposes Only and has not been designed to diagnose, treat, mitigate, prevent or cure any health conditions. Please consult a qualified Health Care Professional to diagnose your health conditions and avoid self-diagnosis. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated statements about Ondamed. To further comply with FDA requirements we need to inform you that the fact that a lot of people have had significant results does not guarantee that you will have the same results. Also, if you have a serious medical condition, the use of this technology should not replace any competent medical advice you are currently receiving. Our experiences have been that most people will use this technology while continuing to visit their usual, normal medical professionals.

We do not claim to cure anything. The Ondamed provides a medium for a therapeutic experience that also seems to have, among other things, the effect of strengthening the immune system, clearing blocked bodily energy patterns, which have been shown to help activate the body’s own ability to heal and regulate itself in mind body and spirit.

Anne-Marie Tremblay-Campanella, MA Ondamed Practitioner is not a licensed medical practitioner, but, rather, is a Certified Ondamed Practitioner.

Cost: $100 for a 60min session

Contact: Anne-Marie Tremblay, MA

Phone: (508) 868-2524

Email: anne-marie@resonanceforlife.com

For more info on Ondamed
- go to the following link:http://www.ondamed.net/

 “ONDAMED is one of the finest German inventions. It allows easy and effective analysis kesslerand therapeutic application. My clinic is considered to be one of the leading institutes for treating acute and chronic diseases. ONDAMED has proven to be an indispensable tool.”Wolf-Dieter Kessler, MD PhD

sinatra“The vibrational frequencies that are determined by sophisticated equipment like ONDAMED is perhaps a search for real truth. This is the future of medicine.”
Stephen T. Sinatra, MD CNS

                                                                                                                                                              kogan“ONDAMED teaches both the doctor and the patient to acknowledge the flexibility of our bodies, in the energetic sense.”
Svetlana Kogan, MD

bock“Patients with neuropathy who use ONDAMED have up to 90% of their pain relieved.”
Steven J Bock, MD, ACCUP

oschman“ONDAMED has an ingenious design derived from decades of careful research from around the world. I particularly like the gentle way the stimuli are applied, as many other devices introduce far more energy into the body than is needed for diagnosis and treatment. Research has shown that the human body actually responds better to small signals than to strong ones.” James L. Oschman, PhD

Some testimonials

"Hello, I have been working with Anne-Marie for several years now and can truly say I have never experienced a more inspirational, knowledgeable, and self-empowering therapist and healer. I have a neurological and soft tissue condition in my foot in which the Ondamed Wave Machine has helped me tremendously in reducing inflammation and pain. This technique has also helped to calm my nervous system and get my body back into homeostasis. More importantly is the one-on-one sessions with Anne-Marie which have helped me enormously in letting go of guilt, inner pain, fear, and sadness after a 9 year break up with a man that I truly loved, who emotionally hurt me so much, that I needed to leave in order to move forward in my life and find my inner happiness. Anne-Marie gently guided me with visual imagery to let go of the pain, problems, fear, guilt etc. Once you are able to cut the ties to what is troubling you, a feeling of inner peace and happiness prevails. Anne-Marie’s approach is very deep inner mind-body work that is very effective! I always leave feeling so much better than when I walk in and look forward to each session. She has truly been a blessing in my life! J.W"

“Anne-Marie is simply a brilliant therapist.   She and her Self-Empowerment Therapy technique have helped me so much!  It was such a gift to learn this from her, and  I feel fortunate to have met her.  MF”

"Anne-Marie Campanella, MA, Art Therapist & Ondamed Practitioner is a brilliant, intuitive and compassionate therapist! My personal experience with Anne Marie has been remarkable! She has treated me for chronic Lyme Disease, co-infections, pain, digestive problems, along with cognitive and emotional issues. In the time that Anne Marie has treated my symptoms, she has uncovered a person who is willing to rise above physical impairment and get to the core of all my issues...emotions!! With her treatment and guidance I've overcome feeling hopeless, into a state of empowerment and enough energy to care for my one year old grandson and start a business!!

Anne Marie sees and treats her patients holistically (body, mind & soul).  She gently and intuitively guides them through their own process of releasing patterns, which block joy and wellness, while creating a safe space for healing within. I am blessed to know Anne Marie! S.S"